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Party Tips 101
  • Drinking is a Choice! Set your own limits if you choose to drink and remember you should never feel pressured to have more than you want
  • Eat before, during and after. While food doesn't lessen your blood alcohol level it will pace how fast your body absorbs it
  • Ideally, for every drink of alcohol you should be having a glass of water or non alcoholic drink - it's actually the best way to avoid a hangover the next day. At least try to throw some water in while your drinking to best avoid a killer hangover the next day
  • Always consider your age, body weight, and health problems when drinking. You shouldn't be drinking when on medication but should you choose to, remember to drink cautiously because your body is going to react differently than it normally would when you drink
  • Keep cab numbers handy
  • Remember alcohol is a depressant and pairing it with a stimulant (like an energy drink) is risky!
  • Keep at least 1 friend with you or let each other know where you will be going in case you separate. If you lose your friends/group, do not wander off alone. Get home safely!
  • Keep an eye on your drink! If you cannot be sure whether or not it's been meddled with, toss it out.
  • Understand consent and act responsibly-be aware and respectful if someone is unable to consent to a sexual activity
  • Everyone is different, and thus have different alcohol capacities. Be honest with yourself and know when enough is enough, and make a smart decision to stop before things get out of hand. Whatever you choose to do this weekend just remember to be safe and look out for your friends!
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