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Scam Alert

Please be aware that a number of institutions have reported that individuals have been contacting people with listings on their off-campus housing registries and offering to pay the entire year's rent with a cheque or money order.

We would ask that you be cautious with this as in some cases the money order or cheque is fraudulent. Typically what happens is that the individual sends several months worth of rent and almost immediately ask for all but one or two month's rent (deposit) to be returned. They do this in the hope that your bank will not recognize the forgery until the normal clearing process has happened. This would result in you being out the money that you have returned to them.


Access Fee * $20.00

60 Days $10.00 includes 6 photos

6 Months $25.00 includes 6 photos

Yearly $45.00 includes 6 photos

What's an Access Fee? It is a fee paid once every rolling 12 months that provides landlords access to Western's Off-Campus Housing Service online listing system. Once you have access to the online listing system, you can place listings & upload pictures.

Payment Information

Landlord listings (not applicable to student listings) will not be activated until our office receives payment.

Online or Phone Visa or MasterCard Phone:

In Person Visa, MasterCard,
Interac, Cheques & Cash Accepted
Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 4:30PM

Cheques can be
mailed to
Rm 3C1 Ontario Hall
Western University
230 Sarnia Rd.
London, Ontario
N6G 0N2

Student Listings

Full-time Western students are allowed one free listing in one of the following categories: Apartment to Share, House to Share, and Sublets. You must submit your Western student number and the listing must be placed in your name and use your Western e-mail address in the contact section. It may take up to two business days to verify your student status.


We wish to strongly advise you that there is no solicitation permitted on campus. (The Board of Governors' policy number 1.12). This means that landlords are not permitted to come onto campus to entice students to rent their properties nor are they permitted to remain in the Off-Campus listing area or parking lot for that purpose. We reserve the right to suspend or remove any listing for violating policies and procedures.

The University of Western Ontario complies with the Human Rights Code prohibiting discrimination based on the grounds set out in the Code.

The University of Western Ontario reserves the right to post and disseminate the Housing information via the Off-Campus Housing Office, University wide computer access and on the Internet in any manner consistent with student needs and administrative policies. We value your continued support in accommodating Western students and appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Ad Content Rules

  • Ads must comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Ads must reflect accurately the property that is being advertised. Eg. distance to campus, rent amount, etc.
  • Ads must adhere to any laws (provincially or federally) that relate to advertising.Eg. Do not use of alcohol as an incentive to promote the property.
  • Ads must adhere to proper use decorum of Internet messages. Eg. Do not use full caps for the entire ad (20% or less).