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Good Neighbour Manual

The City of London... It's Our Home


The City of London is an excellent place to live, work, study and play. As residents, we can be proud of the character and beauty of the city, including the pleasant and attractive neighbourhoods. We are all entitled to the continued enjoyment of our neighbourhoods, but we also have responsibilities and obligations. Students have traditionally made a significant contribution to the City. Through various activities they have helped with charities, social organizations (i.e., blood donor clinics, Big Brother/Sister, etc.), and have generally added to the vitality of London. Responsible behaviour on the part of all residents can only have a positive effect on the student/city relationship in London. Students, like all citizens, should be aware of all neighbourhood issues and City Bylaws that might affect them. Good actions by students ensure housing opportunities and good standards of housing for Western/Fanshawe students. Take the time to meet your neighbours and get to know them.


Noise and Parties

You should be aware of the possible consequences to yourself and guests if you have a party and it becomes large and disruptive. The police have laid charges against individuals hosting large parties. These incidents attract the attention of the media and create negative stereotypes of students.


Noise DO's and DON'Ts

  1. Do talk to your neighbours if you plan to have a party.
  2. Don't honk your horn late at night to say goodbye to friends.
  3. Do be considerate as ongoing noise is usually more of a problem than the occasional social gathering. Please use public sidewalks when travelling to and from friends' places.
  4. Don't sing or yell late at night when returning to your abode.
  5. Do be aware that the City Noise Bylaw is in effect 24 hours a day.

* NOTE: The noise bylaw is designed to control unnecessary noise which can be a nuisance. An individual can be charged under this bylaw if the sound from a stereo or other such device is operated in a manner to annoy or disturb the quiet enjoyment of any individual in any dwelling. A person convicted of a breach is usually fined approximately $200 but can be fined up to $5,000. Note that police can and have laid multiple charges against roommates. Be aware that the Police can consider three or more individuals an UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY if there is a belief that they will disturb the peace.



The Liquor Licence Act prohibits the consumption of alcohol anywhere other than a residence or a licenced area. A residence is defined as a place that is occupied as a dwelling and does not include public places where the general public has access.


Alcohol DO's and DON'Ts

  1. Do be aware of friends that might wander away with open alcohol into other peoples' yards.
  2. Don't drink on the City owned boulevard, which may include part of your front yard.
  3. Do consider using opaque containers when outside and avoid bottles that might break (safety is always of importance).
  4. Don't allow individuals to leave that are intoxicated as you (being their "host") could be held liable.
  5. Do have a plan if you are having friends over where alcohol may be a factor.

* NOTE: It is within the Police's jurisdiction to charge anyone who has an open bottle/can or unsealed container of alcohol in a public place. The fine is approximately $100 per individual.


Property Upkeep

Everyone in a neighbourhood benefits from the proper upkeep of property. A clean neighbourhood protects housing values, looks nice and instills a sense of pride in the residents of the area. The City of London has bylaws related to the upkeep of property. It is important that tenants clarify with their landlords who will be responsible for maintenance items such as garbage, grass cutting, snow removal, etc.


Upkeep DO's and DON'Ts

  1. Do keep garbage and litter in suitable containers ready to be put out for collection (not until 6 PM the night before pickup).
  2. Don't let your grass, bushes and leaves become so unruly that your place looks like a jungle.
  3. Do consider using a proper blue box as everyone benefits from recycling. Ensure you know what London accepts or rejects for garbage and blue box items.
  4. Don't leave old furniture around to become an "eyesore" (it can be put out with any regular garbage collection).
  5. Do ensure your place is free of old food and beer containers as it attracts rodents and cockroaches.

* NOTE: Be aware that signs, flags, etc., although seen as decorative, could and usually violate the City Sign Bylaws. If you are going away for a period of time, make arrangements to look after your home while you are away. This helps with upkeep and security.


Safety (Fire - Traffic - Parking)

There are many things that one must consider when living in the community. It's important for everyone to ensure not only their own safety, but also the safety of the community.


Safety DO's and DON'Ts

  1. Do ensure that you have proper and working smoke detectors. You may also want to consider fire extinguishers.
  2. Don't leave your car where it can be vandalized. The City prohibits overnight parking on the street, as well as parking on front lawns, sidewalks and boulevards.
  3. Do be aware of conditions when travelling by car as neighbours are concerned about safety on the streets for everyone in the area.
  4. Don't leave your car idling and unattended or unlocked with the keys in it as you could face a fine...not to mention the loss of your vehicle (this happens more often than you think).
  5. Do be aware of "suspicious" individuals in your neighbourhood as students are often a target for thieves. Consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch Program in your area.

* NOTE: You may want to consider a carbon monoxide detector as well. Also, be aware that one of the major sources of aggravation for students involves getting tickets for parking infractions. It's important to ensure you have a proper space when you have a vehicle or else you will be paying a large sum to the City for parking violations.



The information in this guide is just an overview. Nevertheless, we hope that it has clarified what it takes to be a good neighbour and a responsible citizen of the City which hosts two of the best institutions in Canada. The pressure on some family neighbourhoods from renters is now very great. The residents, in many cases, feel beleaguered and may seem, at times, to be unreasonable in their attempts to make their concerns known for what they see as unjust disturbances and nuisance. You may want to get involved in activities that help build community spirit such as Neighbourhood Watch or other groups that help with community projects. It's up to all of us to make this year hassle free for students of Western/Fanshawe and citizens of London.


Resource Contact Number:

Resources Phone Numbers
Housing Mediation Office 661-3787
Off-Campus Advisors 661-3787
University Students' Council 661-3574
Fanshawe Student Union 452-4109
Community Legal Services 661-3352
Information London 432-2211
City Garbage Collection 661-4585
Blue Box Info 649-6262
City Parking Enforcement 661-4537
City Property Standards 661-4660
City Fire Prevention 661-4565
U.W.O. Fire Prevention 661-2036


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