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Off-Campus Housing Office

Our office is in Ontario Hall, Room 3.C.1. Our address is 230 Sarnia Rd., London, ON, N6G 0N2. Access to our office will be via the Western Rd. access into Althouse College/Western Day Care/Perth Hall.

See campus map at:

Map Of the Off-Campus Office


Website Upgrades

We are pleased to add the following features to provide additional services for our landlords.

Top Ads - $15/day or $175/month

Feature your ad in two places on our listings page by upgrading your ad to a Top Ad. Your ad will be featured in the Top Ads section in addition to the general listings. Each time the page is loaded, four Top Ads will be randomly featured. At any time, users can scroll through the carousal or click "See All Top Ads" to view all other Top Ads. Only 48 Top Ads spots will be available at a time for purchase.

Boost - $10

Boost your active ad to the top of the list. Your ad will move from its position on our listings page to the first spot on our page. The ad only remains at the top until a new listing is placed or another ad is boosted above yours. We strive to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for all. Please contact our office if you have questions or issues regarding the new upgrades to our website.


2020 Pricing

Annual Access Fee = $20

Our access fee is paid once, on a rolling basis, every 12 months. This fee provides landlords with access to Western's Off-Campus Housing Service online listing system. Once you have access to the online listing system, you can place listings and upload pictures.

  • 60 Day Listing with Pictures* = $15
  • 6 Month Listing with Pictures* = $30
  • 1 Year Listing with Pictures* = $50

*Includes a maximum of six pictures per listing.


Rent Increase Guidelines 2020

The Ontario Government has set the rent increase guideline at 2.2% for 2020.

This is the maximum amount a landlord can increase rent for a current tenant, if at least 12 months have passed since the tenancy began. A landlord must provide 90 days written notice to tenants before enforcing the rent increase. This amount does not apply if you are renting to new tenants or those not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act. For more information from the Landlord and Tenant Board, please visit:


Average Rental Prices 2019

Average rental prices taken from listings on our website, as of June 2019:

Inclusive Utilities Extra
Bachelor Apartment $699 N/A
1 Bedroom Apartment $1183.50 $1117
2 Bedroom Apartment $781.50/bedroom $741/bedroom
3 Bedroom Apartment $695/bedroom $653/bedroom
4 Bedroom Apartment $556.50/bedroom $547/bedroom
Rooms $544.33 $475
Apartment to Share $606.33 $686
House to Share $561.33 $548

For price breakdowns based on distance from campus, please visit our website:


London's Rental Vacancy Rate

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) released London's 2019 rental vacancy rates:

  • Bachelor Apartment - 3.7%
  • One-bedroom Apartment - 1.9%
  • Two-bedroom Apartment - 1.6%
  • Three-bedroom Apartment - 1.4%
  • Total vacancy rate for London - 1.8%

Please visit the CMHC website for more information:


Ontario Standard Lease

The Ontario Standard Lease requirement was implemented on April 30, 2018. If Ontario rental law applies, landlords of private residential units, including individual landlords and property management companies, have to use a standard lease template for all leases signed after April 30, 2018. The Ontario Standard Lease uses easy-to-understand language to ensure that landlords and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities. The standard lease aims to reduce illegal terms in leases, minimize misunderstandings between landlords and tenants, and reduce the need for the Landlord and Tenant Board to resolve disputes.

The standard lease will contain:

  • Mandatory fields - basic information including names of landlord and tenant, tenancy term, rent amount, services included, and other agreed upon terms such as rent deposits, key deposits, and renter's insurance.
  • Optional additional terms - agreed upon terms of responsibilities that are unique to a rental unit.
  • General information - rights, responsibilities, and details applicable to landlords and tenants such as ending a tenancy, subletting, illegal charges, pets, guests, landlord entry.

If a lease was signed after April 30, 2018 and the tenants did not receive a standard lease, the tenant may request in writing a standard lease from their landlord. The landlord must provide a standard lease within 21 days. If the landlord fails to provide the standard lease within 21 days, then the tenant may withhold one month's rent. If the landlord still fails to provide the standard lease within 30 days after the tenant began withholding rent, the tenant does not have to repay that one month's rent. However, the tenant may not withhold more than one month's and must resume paying rent for the rest of the lease term. If a standard lease is never provided, special rules allow for terminating the lease early. Tenants who signed a lease before April 30, 2018 cannot ask for a standard lease unless a new lease agreement is discussed.

For more information, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website:


Housing Mediation Service

Western University operates a Housing Mediation Service which offers landlords and tenants a forum to discuss their concerns:


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