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Average Rental Prices

2021 Average Rental Prices for London, Ontario

  • Bachelor: $780
  • One bedroom: $1036
  • Two bedroom: $1275
  • Three or more bedrooms: $1468
  • Average rent overall: $1175

Information from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation:

If you want a lower rent price, consider the following:

  • Live with a roommate(s).
  • Live farther from Western's campus. Consider rentals that are still in proximity to a bus route that will take you to campus.
  • Live in a smaller room or a lower level/basement room.
  • Be flexible with your amenity preferences. You are more likely to pay higher rent for amenities such a furnished room, a private bathroom or air conditioning
  • Offer to work for your landlord to take care of the rental in exchange for a discount (i.e. property maintenance).
  • Try to negotiate a lower rent if you don't need and are willing to give up amenities such as a parking space, a shed, or basement storage (things the landlord may want to use for themselves).

If you are paying for utilities, here are some tips to lower your bills:

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