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Off-Campus Housing Services
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OCA Area

The Area noted here is generally where the OCAs operate during the academic year. They will however, answer questions from individuals outside of the Designated Area.

OCA Area Map

OCA Streets

Ambleside Drive (1 - 27)
Audrey Avenue
Beaufort Street
Bernard Avenue
Bridport Street
Brough Street
Broughdale Avenue
Canterbury Road
Castlegrove Blvd (97 - 237 odd &
  136 - 320 even)
Cedar Avenue
Cheapside Street (100-205)
Chepstow Close
Chepstow Gate
College Avenue
Coombs Avenue
Cromwell Street
Edgar Drive
Epworth Avenue
Essex Street
Fernley Avenue
Ford Crescent
Fox Avenue

Gibbons Place
Gower Street
Grace Street
Grosvenor Street (1-38)
Gunn Street
Hollywood Crescent
Huron Street (75-315)
Irwin Street
Lane Street
Lombardo Avenue
Mayfair Avenue
McDonald Avenue
Meadowdown Drive
Neville Drive
Northdale Street
Oxford Street (167W-210E Northside only)
Parkdale Crescent
Parkdale Avenue
Patricia Street
Platts Lane (217-360)
Raymond Avenue
Regent Street (85-220)
Richmond Street (753-1267)
Richmond Street (1503 - 1580
   excluding 1510)

Sarnia Road (190-357)
Saunby Street
Sherwood Avenue (64-238)
St George Street (160-561)
St James Street (123-206)
Steele Street
Summit Avenue
Sunset Street
Sydenham Street (114-207)
Talbot Street (796-1104)
Tamblyn Drive
The Parkway
Tower Lane
Trott Drive
University Crescent
Victoria Street (29- 206)
Walmer Gardens
Walmer Grove
Waterloo Street (1033-1061)
Westchester Drive
Western Road (914-1099)
Western Road (1508 - 1547)
Westview Drive
Wharncliffe Road North (265-397)
Windermere Road (226 - 368)

NOTE: Both sides of all the roads in the Off-Campus Advisor Area are included except Oxford (north side only). No University addresses in OCA area