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Off-Campus Housing Office

Our office is in Ontario Hall, Room 3.C.1. Our address is 230 Sarnia Rd., London, ON, N6G 0N2. Access to our office will be via the Western Rd. access into Althouse College/Western Day Care/Perth Hall.

Map Of the Off-Campus Office


Website and Social Media Upgrades

Recent upgrades to the website include an improved picture uploader for landlord's placing listings. We have begun to send auto-emails to landlords before their listings expire. Throughout 2017 we aim to continue upgrades for the landlord user experience.

We launched a second Twitter account in 2016 as an additional feature to advertising with us. Our new Twitter account will only post rental listings. As soon as your rental listing is activated on our website, it will appear in our Twitter feed. Students following our Twitter account will instantly see new rental listings.

View the Twitter account:


2017 Pricing

Annual Access Fee = $20

Our access fee is paid once, on a rolling basis, every 12 months. This fee provides landlords with access to Western's Off-Campus Housing Service online listing system. Once you have access to the online listing system, you can place listings and upload pictures.

  • 60 Day Listing with Pictures* = $10
  • 6 Month Listing with Pictures* = $25
  • 1 Year Listing with Pictures* = $45
  • *A maximum of six pictures per listing are allowed


Rent Increase Guidelines 2017

The Ontario Government has set the rent increase guideline at 1.5% for 2017.

This is the maximum amount a landlord can increase rent for a current tenant, if at least 12 months have passed since the tenancy began. A landlord must provide 90 days written notice to tenants before enforcing the rent increase. This amount does not apply if you are renting to new tenants or those not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.

For more information from the Landlord and Tenant Board, please visit:


An Update to Lease Termination

As of September 8, 2016 tenants may be able to break their lease early if they are doing so to avoid sexual or domestic violence. This change in the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act allows tenants to provide 28 days' termination notice. This amendment removes one of many obstacles victims face when they decide to leave their rented premise.

To use this provision of the Act, tenants have to provide their landlords with notice to end tenancy because of fear of abuse. Form N15 is used and can be found at: of Termination & Instructions/N15.pdf

The related legislation amendment can be found at:



Average Rental Prices 2016

Average rental prices on our website calculated at various points during 2016:

  Inclusive Non-Inclusive
Bachelor Apartment $680 $637
1 Bedroom Apartment $760 $736
2 Bedroom Apartment $586/bdrm $495/bdrm
3 Bedroom House $570/bdrm $527/bdrm
4 Bedroom House $539/bdrm $519/bdrm
Rooms $470 $401
Apartment to Share $477 $549
House to Share $498 $475


London's Rental Vacancy Rate

In 2016 the vacancy rate for London, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, is 2.1%. This rate is down from 2.9% in 2015. Canada's national rental vacancy rate is 3.4% for 2016, while the Ontario rental vacancy rate is 2.1%.

Over the past few years, Western University has increased first year enrolment from 4350 students to 4900 students. The university continues to look at increasing graduate and international student enrolment, but this will not be significant enough to affect the marketplace.

For more information, please visit the CMHC web site:


International Students

To meet the university's efforts to increase the number of international students, our office will continue to dedicate a student position in the summer to help international students find options for their accommodations. We will be continuing this position in the summer of 2017 and the role will be to filter through our listings based on the search criteria given by the student. Our student staff will then contact the landlord of the listing that meets the student's needs.


Housing Mediation Service

Western University operates a Housing Mediation Service which offers landlords and tenants a forum to discuss their concerns:


NOTICE: Holiday Closure

The office will be closed for the holidays at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, December 23, 2016 and re-open at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. Our online listings will continue to be available during the holiday closure.


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